I was writhing with the grief and guilt of my divorce. I lost my identity as a wife and had to learn to rebuild my life as a single person. I was in a pit of mud and mire and I couldn’t gain a solid footing to get out of that pit by myself. I needed help. I learned about Beginning Experience of Greater Kansas City, a non-profit ministry that serves those who have lost a spouse through death or divorce. I attended Beginning Experience programs where I learned about the five stages of grief and tools to aid in my healing. Because of Beginning Experience I have since climbed out of the pit and my feet are now firm upon a rock.
~Rachael W, Olathe KS

After my husband’s death, I too felt dead inside. Beginning Experience showed me a path to new life.A New Beginning
~Lynne M, Lee’s Summit MO

When my marriage ended, I cried…a lot. And the tears continued. Two years later, I attended a Beginning Experience program and found the friendship and support I needed to be able to heal. I learned some things about myself and it was a great opportunity to step away from the distractions of life and find quiet time for reflection and healing. It was wonderful to be with others who understood what I was feeling and who listened to me. I am blessed to have found friendship in this group and through these friendships, I have received immeasurable support and I have had the opportunity to support others who are grieving.
~Angie S, Topeka KS

Being married for over 20 years I thought my marriage was safe. The break-up of my marriage came as a complete shock to me. For years I could not come to grips with it … until the Beginning Experience weekend.
~Savara K, Lee’s Summit MO

Beginning Experience weekend was a life changing opportunity to mourn, mend and move beyond the loss experienced from my divorce. I encourage anyone, regardless of their faith background, to attend a Beginning Experience program to focus on their grief, find support and heal.
~Ray M, Lenexa KS

I decided to see what the Beginning Experience weekend was all about. I experienced a major healing of emotions, and I was impressed with the ‘wounded healers’ running the weekend.
~Zep P, Overland Park KS

I was feeling so hopeless when I went on the Internet looking for help with my devastating divorce. I had no idea what would help me work through that difficult time, but Beginning Experience knew. I don’t know how I would have managed if I hadn’t found them. Going through the process with the Beginning Experience family allowed me to leave the daily drama of the divorce behind, and really work on my grief and emotions of the loss of my marriage. Beginning Experience provided a safe respite and helped me find hope for the future. It’s a life changing experience.
~Jacqui W, Raymore MO

Wounded Healers share how Beginning Experience of Greater Kansas City, Inc. helped them through the nearly unbearable feelings of loss, loneliness and grief.